Pros And Cons Of Buying Twitter Likes

Who needs Twitter Likes? The short answer – anyone looking to stand out from the crowd and make their voice heard.

These days, establishing credibility and authority on platforms like Twitter is all about social proof. Modern web users being somewhat pre-programmed to distrust businesses and marketers in general. Try all you like, but you won’t convince anyone without sufficient social proof.

One example of which being Twitter Likes, which immediately and powerfully communicate your value and credibility to other Twitter users. The more Likes you accumulate, the more likely you are to attract and influence others.

Nevertheless, there will always be inevitable advantages and disadvantages to buying Twitter Likes and other examples of social proof. If you’re planning to buy Twitter Likes in any quantities and for any purpose, be sure to consider the following pros and cons first:


Advantages of Buying Twitter Likes

  • You Need Social Proof

    As already mentioned, social proof isn’t something you can get by without. It just isn’t going to happen. If you want to succeed on social media, you need social proof – plenty of it! For obvious reasons, it’s not as if you can force everyday Twitter users to provide you with all the Likes, Retweets and general engagement you need to get ahead.

    When you buy social proof, you accelerate the process significantly. Rather than sitting around and waiting for things to happen naturally, you take the initiative and make things happen. Social proof has a direct correlation with overall performance on platforms like Twitter – why not take full advantage of it?

  • Improve Engagement

    There’s also something of a bandwagon/snowball effect that accompanies the use of social proof. When Twitter users come across posts or profiles with tons of Likes and established audiences, they’re far more likely to take an interest in what said. Engagement is one of the most important contributors to success on every social media platform.

    It’s all about presenting yourself as credible, popular and authoritative in your niche. Twitter Likes making it so much easier to present yourself and your message as believable.

  • Increase Organic Follower Growth

    Likewise, you’ll also far more likely to experience a boost in organic follower growth. Twitter users are inherently more likely to follow those they see to be popular and have some kind of value to offer. If not, they won’t even give you a second glance.

    Once you’ve set the wheels in motion, things take care of themselves naturally. It’s simply a case of getting things moving in the first place – buying Twitter Likes being a great way of lighting the fuse.

  • The Best Possible ROI

    Not only can Twitter Likes be incredibly powerful and influential, but they’re also comprehensively inexpensive. Irrespective of how many Likes you intend to buy, you’re looking up one of the most affordable marketing strategies imaginable. A strategy capable of delivering a pretty unbeatable ROI.

    Not only this but when you buy Twitter Likes, the beneficial effects are immediate. It’s not a case of sitting around and waiting for things to happen – immediate results are guaranteed.

  • It’s a New Standard

    Last up, and it’s become something of a new standard for businesses and general Twitter users worldwide to buy Likes and other social proof. It’s no longer a ‘sneaky’ or ‘underhanded’ tactic used by those looking to cheat their way to the top. Instead, it’s at heart for thousands of marketing strategies for large and small businesses worldwide.

    As they say – if you can’t beat them, why not join them?

Disadvantages of Buying Twitter Likes

  • Most Are Fake

    As for the downsides, one important issue to be aware of is the potential for the Likes you buy to be fake. Far too many businesses set up tens of thousands of fake and completely empty Twitter accounts worldwide, simply to provide hollow Likes that don’t mean anything. Worst of all, it’s usually quite easy to spot fake Likes, and the resulting reputational damage could be irreparable.

    If you decide to go ahead and buy Twitter Likes, you only ever use service providers like Media Mister or Devumi. If the seller can’t guarantee 100%-real Likes from verified accounts worldwide, you don’t want anything to do with them.

  • No Real Interaction

    You can buy as many Likes as you want, but none of the Twitter users responsible for them are likely to interact with your posts or your account. They won’t follow you, comment on your posts, Retweet your posts or anything else of a similar nature. They simply provide you with the Likes you need to stand out and taken seriously.

    That said, it’s usually possible to combine packages of social proof together. So along with buying Twitter Likes, you could also buy a bunch of comments and new Followers for your account at the same time.

  • There are Scams to Avoid

    Last up, and you’ll always find a fair few service providers with nothing on their minds other than taking your cash and disappearing into the ether. Particularly when it comes to social media marketing, scams are everywhere. Unfortunate, but true nonetheless.

    On the plus side, it really couldn’t be easier to steer clear of sketchy service providers and stay safe. It’s simply a case of reading independent reviews and recommendations, sticking with top-rated social specialists you know you can trust. Once again, two examples to illustrate the point being Devumi and Media Mister.

    And if they’re not willing to back their services with a full money-back guarantee, you don’t want anything to do with them!