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MediaMister Review MediaMister Review
December 26, 2019

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MediaMister Review

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MediaMister Review: The Basics

We placed an order for 1,000 Twitter followers and 1,000 Twitter likes from MediaMister, in order to see if they’re able to live up to their promises. The long and short of it being that we weren’t disappointed with the results. Prompt delivery, quality social proof and solid customer service from start to finish.

MediaMister came through when it mattered, providing us with answers to our questions with no delays or complications whatsoever. There’s a reassuring retention policy and even a money-back guarantee in place, which is pretty rare in this corner of the industry. All in all therefore, we can absolutely recommend MediaMister as a reliable port of call for anyone looking to buy Twitter followers or likes.

MediaMister Review: In Depth

About MediaMister

Founded in Arizona back in 2012, MediaMister has considerably more experience than many competing social specialists. They’ve gradually increased the variety of services offered over the years, which today is one of the biggest we’ve seen of any seller.

There’s ton of information and services to choose from on the website, which is clear, concise and easy to work with. Along with Twitter, MediaMister offers an extensive range of promotional packages for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, GooglePlus,Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine and many more besides.

Service Plans

For Twitter specifically, there are various products and packages to choose from including followers, likes, retweets, impressions and many more besides. It’s also possible to order targeted Twitter followers and regional social proof from countries worldwide.

Terms and Guarantees

We always take into account the terms, conditions and guarantees provided by those we do business with. In the breakdown below, you’ll learn more about our findings while dealing with MediaMister.

Terms and Conditions

  • MediaMister publishes a simplified and straightforward Terms of Service.
  • They reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Privacy Policy

  • The company has a standard Privacy Policy.
  • They never engage in the selling or leasing of personal information for marketing or promotional purposes.

Refund Policy

  • MediaMister offers a 30-day refund period in the cases of any discrepancies.
  • They currently offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, if orders are not completed within the agreed time.

Retention Policy

  • The company offers a 30-day Retention Guarantee for all services provided.


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Customer Support

MediaMister makes it easy and convenient to get in touch with the customer support team, which operates most hours of day and night for maximum convenience. Simply hit the button at the bottom of the page and fire your questions at a representative.

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Contacting MediaMister by e-mail and telephone was easy enough, but we found the Live Chat facility to be the most convenient to have all. We never have to wait long for a response and found all of our pre-order questions to be answered professionally and usefully. You’ll find a breakdown of the questions we asked, and the responses provided by MediaMister below:

Our Questions

How long will the followers and likes take to arrive?

We try to complete all orders within 3-4 working days.

What if they don't show up during this time?

You’ll be entitled to a full refund upon request if we fail to complete delivery as promised.

Are they going to come all at once, or spread out?

The likes followers will be spread out over the delivery period.

What kind of followers and likes can I expect? Can I see an example?

We can’t provide examples for reasons of customer confidentiality. However, we guarantee the highest quality likes and followers from real Twitter accounts worldwide.

Is anyone going to know that I bought followers?

No one will know that you have purchased followers unless you tell them.

Are the new followers going to do anything strange, like talk to my friends?

Good question! But not – the new followers will not do anything weird or interact with your account or your friends.

What if I lose the likes or followers you supply?

We provide a retention guarantee, during which all lost followers and likes will be replaced.

What if my Twitter account gets blocked or banned?

This has never happened in the history of our company, and we do everything we can to keep our customers and their account safe.

Post-Order Questions and Responses

We also like to put our chosen service providers to the test after they’ve completed our order. It’s a good way of seeing whether companies like MediaMister continue to offer decent service, or simply disappear into the ether. Once again, we couldn’t have been happier with the way the support team answered our questions.

Our Questions

What if any of my followers leave? How long will they last?

Our retention guarantee covers your new followers for 180 days. Nevertheless, they may stick around indefinitely – it’s entirely up to them.

What if Twitter removes my likes or followers?

This doesn’t happen – there’s no way of detecting which likes and/or followers you have purchased.

Can I get a discount on a repeat order?

Absolutely! I can email you a coupon code for a discount on your next order. We give bigger discounts for larger orders, just let us know what you need.

What other services would you recommend?

If it’s Twitter you’re focusing on, likes and followers can always be boosted with things like retweets, impressions, comments, etc.

Order Recommendations

MediaMister provides Twitter promotional services for the benefit of private and professional users at every level. They claim to offer nothing but 100% real followers and likes of the highest quality, making them perfect for business use and for private purposes.

Daily Turnaround Time

We promise a delivery time of 48 hours, which the folks at MediaMister followed through with amicably. We ordered 1,000 followers and 1,000 likes, though actually received 1,014 followers and 1,009 likes. A tiny added bonus, but a bonus nonetheless!

Quality of Twitter Likes and Followers

We took the time to look into the quality and realness of the followers and likes provided by MediaMister. We found each and every follower we examined to have an authentic-looking profile with a unique profile picture and usually a fair few followers and likes to their name. MediaMister claims to provide nothing but authentic and verified Twitter likes and followers – we’ve no reason to suggest this isn’t the case.

Retention Rate

At the time of writing, it had been two months since the completion of our order, and we hadn’t dropped sufficient likes or followers to fall below the 1,000 ordered in each instance. We’re still riding above our original ordered quantities, despite dropping a few along the way.


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We’re happy to say that MediaMister is one of the very few service providers of its kind to have consistently surprised us for entirely positive reasons. We’re always sceptical when trying these kinds of services out, but everything about MediaMister was reassuring from start to finish. We ordered 1,000 followers and 1,000 likes for our test account on Twitter – everything is delivered on time and beyond our expectations.

We were also genuinely impressed with the customer support provided by MediaMister, which isn’t always great with typical social media specialists. Topped off with retention guarantees, satisfaction guarantees, and seriously low prices, we can’t help but recommend the services of MediaMister to anyone looking to promote their Twitter accounts or posts.


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User Ratings:

(Rated 4.9 / 5 based on 26 customer reviews)

User Comments:


  • Nancy Simmons
    Last week, I have bought 1K Twitter followers from the MediaMister. It helped me a lot to promote my business at the right time. I’m happy with the service.
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      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Elizabeth Santos
    I have ordered 5K Twitter likes for my tweets, they have split the likes to all my tweets and delivered all likes from real accounts. Very Satisfied service with MediaMister.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Micheal Graham
    One of my friends suggested MediaMister and said this is the best site to buy twitter followers. So, I have decided to buy 1000 Twitter followers from MediaMister. They have delivered the order within the time frame. I’m quite impressed.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Cary Gonzales
    I have purchased 500 Twitter Views for enhancing my videos popularity. I received my order within 1-2 days. Also, I have received some extra likes from them. Really happy with the services of MediaMister.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Joseph Stauffer
    I have ordered 10K twitter followers from, and they delivered all the followers within a week. Those followers are still stable, and active too. One of the best quality service I have seen.
    • Author Icon
      Eddie Jones
      Thank You!!!
  • Charlotte Culver
    I have a small business and felt hard to expand further since I cannot reach out larger audience. I found your online services that can boost up the followers with twitter and ordered it as I have my account with twitter. It really worked for me and was able to promote my product to larger audience. Thanks a ton, Mediamister.
  • John Edmonds
    If the order goes with Mediamister, connecting with genuine people in twitter is guaranteed. I am able to promote my brand very easily with the twitter followers. My twitter traffic has got increased because of you. You are the vital part in my business.
  • Edward Jones
    I tried several websites to increase my twitter followers and they all got dropped. Your services assured me to fulfill when there is a loss with it. As said, you proved it and my followers are sticking to my twitter account. Hats off Mediamister.
  • Darrell Johnson
    I realize a great quality of service from you guys. Every time you are proving the best in class. You are the real winner in Social Media Services. Mediamister has become part of my business.
  • Elsie Shepherd
    I ordered several times with you guys and never expected any offers from you. Once in a time with my bulk order, I wanted to be cost effective and your discount code made it possible for me to order a huge one. Now I can say to anyone that Mediamister was great and you value loyal customers like me.
  • Ryan Charles
    I ordered the twitter followers from you and noticed the drop with it. At that point, I really felt bad about it. Once I reached out your customer service, they assured me with the refill and followers are delivered as promised. Thanks to Mediamister and really impressed with the customer service.
  • Joseph Christopher
    Excellent customer service! I never heard of the retention guarantee plan with the other services, but you made it possible when my followers were lost. Thank you for your efficient plan and services.
  • Ira Cummings
    The experience that I had with customer support representative was excellent. This made me to think why you are so unique from others. Mediamister, you deserve more than 5 stars.
  • Rodney Johnston
    Your services really owe my future twitter orders. Your site is exceptional and the quality of followers that you delivered still sticks to my account. I can recommend this to anyone who wants real twitter followers.
  • Wesley White
    You are always my first point of contact when it comes to promoting new products of my business. Mediamister is my trust. Thank you for your continual support to take my brand to larger audience with ease.