We find that most people looking to buy Twitter followers for the first time have quite a few questions to ask. Some of which are more common and crucial than others.

So to help make things that little bit simpler for everyone, here’s a brief rundown of some of our most frequently encountered questions and their respective answers:

Common Questions

Is it really possible to buy twitter followers?

Absolutely – buying Twitter followers is surprisingly easy and affordable. Businesses worldwide now buy followers on twitter on a regular basis.

How do you evaluate service providers?

We take into account everything that matters – reliability, reputation, customer service, value for money, customer feedback, pricing and the provision of guarantees/warranties.

What if the followers I bought unfollow me?

When you buy real Twitter followers, this can certainly happen as it’s entirely within the account holder’s control. Nevertheless, every good social media specialist worth doing business with offers a retention warranty, meaning that the followers you lose are replaced free of charge.

Are the followers I buy fake or real?

The answer to this question depends entirely on who you work with. Some service providers offer nothing but 100% real and verified followers from real Twitter users worldwide. Others provide fake followers that at least look authentic, and then there are those who offer low-grade fake followers you can spot from a mile away.

Why should I buy Twitter followers?

For a number of reasons. Social proof like Twitter followers gives your profile and your posts a sense of credibility, authority, and believability. Not only this but follower-numbers also directly contribute to exposure and visibility. The more followers you accumulate, the bigger the benefits for your business.

How are the new followers delivered?

It’s actually surprisingly easy. You simply place your order with a reputable service provider, specify how many new followers you would like and which account they should be applied to. After which, the process of adding the new followers begins. It typically takes around 2 to 3 days to complete delivery, though this depends on the company you work with. You should never be asked to reveal any of your login credentials (usernames, passwords) at any time.

Can I purchase authentic/real followers?

You can, but they're not as commonly available as fake followers. They can also be slightly more expensive. That said, the benefits of real followers exponentially outweigh those of fraudulent followers. In terms of overall value for money, it’s always best to focus on real and verified followers, as opposed to anything fake.

What if I fall for a scam?

That’s entirely up to you. If you stick with a rated and recommended service provider, you’re in safe hands. You’ll probably be offered a full money-back guarantee, so there really is nothing to worry about. By contrast, cut corners with a shady seller, and you’re taking a big risk. If you do come across any scam service providers, please let us know so that we can warn our readers!

Is it safe to buy Twitter followers?

Safety or otherwise comes entirely down to your choice of service provider. With a leading social media marketing specialist, you should be provided with nothing but 100% authentic followers, without ever having to provide your passwords and backed by a satisfaction guarantee. In such instances, you won’t actually be breaking any of the rules and regulations set out by Twitter. Stray from the path into the arms of a scam dealer, and you could be in trouble.

Retweets & Likes FAQ

Why is buying likes and retweets worthwhile?

Two words – social proof. These days, getting ahead on platforms like Twitter means stacking up as much social proof as possible. Retweets, likes, comments, followers, etc. – all powerful examples of social proof that often make all the difference.

How does it work?

Methods vary somewhat from one supplier to the next, though the basic process should be relatively consistent. You let them know the number of likes and Retweets you’d like to buy and where they should be applied. Once your payment has cleared, the magic happens pretty much in an instant.

Where should I purchase likes and retweets from?

You’ll find comprehensive listings of the highest-rated social media specialists in our independent listings. In all instances, we strongly recommend staying away from any sellers of likes and retweets who lack established reputations and proven track records. The only thing worse than no social proof is being provided with potentially harmful social proof.

How will I benefit from buying likes and retweets?

The most important thing to understand about the likes and retweets you buy is that they won’t have an impact on the quality of whatever it is you have to offer. Your content, products, services and so on – it’s down to the quality of your business to do the talking. However, likes and retweets represent a great way of standing out from the crowd and making your voice heard. Like any good promotional technique, social proof is all about gaining the credibility to be both noticed and taken seriously by your target audience.

What if my account is suspended or closed for buying likes and retweets?

Just as long as you buy likes and retweets from a decent service provider, you’re safe. By contrast, buy huge quantities of spammy retweets/likes from a shady operator, and yes, you could be looking at suspension or closure of your account. Once again, therefore, it’s of critical importance to ensure you only ever work with a reputable social media specialist you know you can trust. If you have even the slightest doubt in the back of your mind, it isn’t worth taking the risk.

How does the seller provide likes and retweets?

If you buy real likes and retweets, they come from real twitter accounts worldwide. If you purchase fake likes and retweets, they come from synthetic accounts set up by automated algorithms and bots. In the case of the latter, this is when you find yourself walking a fine line between promotion and penalization. The way we see it, opting for authentic social proof is the only way to go.

Auto Retweets & Likes FAQ

What are automatic likes and retweets ?

This is an innovative service designed to deliver continuous benefits for the long-term. Rather than being provided with a set quantity of likes and retweets all at once, social proof is delivered in the form of a continuous stream, as part of a subscription package.

What’s the benefit of purchasing automatic likes and retweets?

As mentioned above, the difference with these automatic packages lies in their continuous and ongoing benefit. With typical social media enhancement services, everything is delivered all at once, and the benefits may be temporary. With automated likes and retweets, the service can be continued indefinitely.

How does it work?

The process as a whole work in exactly the same way as buying standard likes and retweets . The only difference is that you enter into an agreement, whereby a fee is paid monthly for continuous delivery of quality likes and retweets. Given the way social media works in the real world, a continuous stream of social proof can be uniquely effective.

What do the likes and retweets look like?

If you buy them from a reputable service provider, they should be absolutely indistinguishable from the real thing. That’s the whole point of buying quality likes and retweets – it should be impossible to tell them apart from those you earn organically. By contrast, work with a substandard service provider, and it’s usually possible to spot their fake and fraudulent social proof from a mile away.

Where do the likes and retweets come from?

If the likes and retweets you buy are real, they will come from real Twitter account holders worldwide. Or perhaps, from the geographical locations of your choosing. If you decide to buy low-quality likes and spam retweets, they’ll it provided courtesy of automated bots and algorithms. In the case of the latter, you automatically put your account and your reputation in jeopardy.

Will my account closed by Twitter if I buy automatic likes and retweets?

As mentioned above, it all comes down to the service provider you choose to work with. If you buy 100% real and authentic Twitter likes and retweets, nobody will ever know you bought them – not even Twitter. If you make it completely obvious, you’ve hacked your way to the top with spammy likes and retweets, and your account may be suspended or closed. Hence, the latter option really isn’t worth the risk.

Does it actually work?

At the hands of a top-rated social media specialist, the answer is yes – big time! Social proof can make the most spectacular difference to the performance of just about any profile or post on any of the world’s most competitive social platforms. But if you want to get the best out, you need to put the best in – avoiding spam services at all costs.

Business Questions

Can we add our website to your review listings?

Absolutely! Simply get in touch with a member of our customer support team, and we’ll carry out a full review of your service. However, we only recommend the very best social media marketing services to our customers, so you’ll have to make the grade to be featured on our site!